Shetland Wedding Photography

I love photographing people.

When I first started photography as a hobby, I was steadfast in my thoughts that I’d be a landscape photographer (living and working in Shetland then why wouldn't I be?) and for a long while that's the route I pursued. I focused my energy on going out and attempting to capture the beauty that Shetland had to offer. However I very quickly realised that I wasn't actually that great at it…why?…I was not enthusiastic about it whatsoever. I hated having to try and get up too early into the cold to stand in one spot for an age only to find that the light wasn't great and that my composition was lacking. I was ready to give up.

I was seriously considering to just pack it in and forget about photography when I decided to attend a local fire festival called Up Helly Aa where eight hundred or so torch carriers paraded the streets of Lerwick to burn a hand built Viking galley. I was instantly hooked! The void I had in photography was immediately fill by photographing people. My settings were all wrong and the images weren't great but for the first time I had that amazing sense of accomplishment and from that day on I knew my focus would be on people.

Fast forward nine years and that passion has only grown stronger!

Craig & Anne Smith 15-09-18 Colour-280.jpg

How I Approach Weddings

Your wedding is wonderfully unique so why should your wedding be treated like any other? My goal is to show how amazing your wedding is by being there to capture the moment without any interruption, to blend in and show your wedding from the perspective of a guest. From the heart felt moments, to the laughter, the tears and the down right outrageous I’ll be there to capture it all.

We hardly noticed he was there he just blended in as one of our guests and made the whole process of getting our photos, which I personally hate, actually pretty enjoyable.
— Anne & Craig Smith

One of the most important aspects of my work is that that I don't follow the same approach for every wedding or use wedding photography shot lists that you may see in blogs or social media.

This runs the risk of what I like to call that “Formula Look” where every wedding looks identical. Your big day deserves to be seen for what it is, your day, no one else’s.

With all that said, I still love getting those detail shots, environmental shots and portraits.

Craig & Anne Smith 15-09-18 Colour-26.jpg

On The Day…

I’ll arrive in the morning before you start getting ready say hello and get going straight away, stopping for sips of tea (I love tea!)

I’ll be right in the thick of it, without getting in the way or being a nuance. You’ll not be seeing me hidden in the corner sniping shots with a great long lens.

I’ll happily get a couple of group shots during the getting ready stage if asked but otherwise you just do your thing.

That's pretty much my approach throughout the day, until we come to the family formals and couple portraits.

During the family formals I get these done quickly and efficiently. All I ask is that you predetermine your group combos before the day (5 or 6 combinations) and assign a couple of people shepherds to get everyone in place at the right time. After that we can relax, take the wedding party for a few of photos before spending time with you and your love away from everyone else to capture some cool portraits (It’ll also give you time to chill out for a while before the chaos starts again).

After that, dinner, speeches and dancing!