About Me


So first of all thank you so much for taking the time to look through my website, it really means a lot!

So a little bit about me…

I’m a born and raised in the Delting and Northmavine area of Shetland. I’m a lover of music, football, motorbikes and cups of tea. But most of all I live and breath photography!

I picked up my first camera when going on a School trip to York about 16 years ago. My mum packed three of those cheap disposable cameras you’d buy from a chemist or somewhere. From there I was kinda hooked, there was a gap of a few years in my high school days where I didn’t explore photography but it never truly left me.

My main focus in photography is people, I love photographing people whether that’s at a public event, wedding, portrait session or going out photographing street photography I always love having a human element in my work.

I’m also a contributing member of the Untitled Days collective. A group of seven photographers who showcase daily life through the use of our beloved Fujifilm cameras.


My Instagram feed below - Link to account here.